ANNOUNCEMENT: As of May 2020 I am migrating and revising this site's content to the new Name Archive. However, this will be a very slow process so feel free to carry on using this wiki for now.

If you're looking for conlangs make sure to check out the new sister wiki Conlang Name Archive here :)

Another quick notice: if you are aware of how to create/use a Wikipedia-based website template please let me know. I'm considering moving this collection over to an independent (or at least a more independent) site, but I still want functionality such as comments and page categories.

Welcome to the Name Archive :)

This is an archive of names from around the world with explanations and other information.

It is an ongoing project by myself, Staarchild. Personal name meanings and onomastics, especially East Asian names, are a special interest of mine and have been for nearly 10 years now. This is purely a hobby, so I may not update this super often as I'm a full-time college student.

Thank you for looking :)

Wiki rules

NEVER DELETE ANY PAGES. I have become very protective towards this name archive that I have spent probably 5 years now collecting and working on. If you want to make any huge changes to a page, message me for permission first. If something is incorrect and needs correcting, tell me what it was in the edit summary. And if you want to be allowed to edit on this site, RESPECT THE RULES.

Names must have authenticated origin to be added to the list. Do not make up names or use names from unreliable sources. Names with meanings are preferred but I understand that some resources are very hard to find for non-native speakers. If you have anything to add e.g. meanings of names go ahead as long as it's legitimate.

R.E. inconsistent page formatting: I am slowly working on updating pages to a grid-based format. Feel free to help me out in that regard, just make sure you go to the recent edited section lower down on this page to keep it consistent. And, again, NO REMOVING CONTENT PLEASE.

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